Sunday, August 30, 2009

What is not taught at school, "Personal Financial Education"

Majority of us, who have the opportunity to get educated, learn about language, science and maths and other interesting subjects available and thought in school. You went to get your honours degree and some further specialisation to PhD. We celebrated out first graduation day from university, and got employed in a reputable company that pays you a decent salary to get by.You get our first car, first girlfriends/boyfriends (maybe not the first, but probably after a dozen of them, some do finally become our spouse), get our first marriage, home and children. Along, this path, there comes an issue, that is always not enough to get by. What is that? Money! Yes, money, “the paper which is back up by government” is not enough for buy you the things that you wanted, and the needs that you wanted as you live through life. Why it is happening to us? It all boils down to one important subject, that the school forgot to teach, that is Financial Education.We are not taught to how to keep, grow and protect our money, thus leaving us broke at the end of every month, thanks to powerful mega sales and attractive offers, we are always tempted to spend beyond our means.Therefore, I open up this blog to share, and also welcome sharing of others own experiences on personal financial education to live wiser, free of financial worries and happier. Learn from the experiences of others, get advise from those who had made it “Financial freedom”. So do you have any painful or bad financial decision that left you to a direstraits to be shared? Please do post it in the comment.


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laughingjobs said...

True enough, this subject is being ommited in schooling time, making us struggling through our life.