Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Does Money Grow on Tree?

A wise old man once say to me, "Son, if you want to be wealthy and rich, you need to plant your seed now and then reap your money from the tree." That was when I was a very young boy, then.

I was fascinated with this idea. Money grow on the tree. Immediately, I set forth to work. First task, I went to my father to ask for a dollar note, and I told him that I wanted to grow money. After the tree fruits the money, I will pluck one and return back to him. He laughed at me, and but still handled me a dollar bill. Frantically, I went to an vacant empty land nearby, and start to dig hole, and then put a dollar note into it, and buried it with dirty earth. It may need some water, as I could not find water nearby, I drop my trouser and then let nature calling, flourish and water the dollar.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Toys, Is there an Alternative to Get it?

It was a windy day, when I was strolling along a beach, during a recent trip in Melaka. I saw a couple was enjoying the beautiful beach with a baby (~ 2 years old) in a pram. What really caught my attention, is that she is making something out of leaves. I believed, it is the the type of leaves that we use to see when eating ketupat. I observed from far, but quite close by, and she noticed my observations. After a few minutes, Walla!, she made a windmill toy, and she showed it to the baby in the pram. The wind was strong, and the hand-made windmill was spinning very fast. The baby was delighted, giggled and smiled happily. I was curious, and I approached to ask her nicely to make one for me. Surprisingly, she obliged, and make another one for me out of ketupat leaves for me. Simple and yet environmental friendly.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Car, it is a want or a need?

One tea break, I was discussing with some fellow friends topics on owning cars.

Ashley was the type of fellow who want to chase after the trendy latest model.
He had a nice Honda Civic, and now he is thinking of changing to the latest
Toyota Camry, which he thinks is more executive stylish and suit his character.
He pays his car by the highest maximum installment as possible, to lower his monthly payment, and he is still doing that with his Civic installment.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Going to Get Married, but No House!

I encounter one colleague who is going to get married to a guy. She has a problem. Almost all of her salary that she earned, went to feed her own family, ie. her father, her mother and brother. However, she wanted to get married and stay together with her future husband in their own house, as she do not want to stay with the parents-in-laws due to her mismatch of characters to the mother-in-laws. So, this means, they got to buy a new house, new furniture, new stuffs and items that can make the house decently to live in.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Multi level marketing

Image credit : Peaches & Cream
Years had passed by, and working in the factory does not seem to make enough money these days factoring the inflation eating away the value of money. So, what's next? What could I do to increase my earnings? One day, while I was pondering over this question, a friend came by and approach me, asked me whether I am interested in a business opportunities. Wow, what a great coincidence, and I thought god is being kind to me, when I ask a question, there sure bound somebody will give me an answer. So, I asked, what sort of business opportunities, my friend is talking about. He did not say much, but do ask me to come by tonight to a place for business opportunities meeting. I had to meet up at downtown, for a small gathering of people, in a shop offices.

7pm, sharp, I was there, but can't find my friend anywhere. I observed around, most of the men here wear very smartly in overall black coat and pants, and so the ladies here, in red coats and dresses. Hmm...,


Sunday, September 13, 2009

An insurance date with a girl.

Years ago, after several months of working in the company, I came to know a new friend from the company I worked in. All of the sudden, he eagerly want to introduce his sister to me. Wow, I thought this is the chance of getting to know some girl, and I am the lucky guy to have a date. She made an appointment with me in a nice cafe in the town at night (What a bold girl!). I was excited and dress-up well to meet this girl. So, I made a call to her, and then we eventually recognized each other in the cafe. She dressed up neatly with her office coat, and was pretty with long hairs.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Being broke at the end of the month!

After years of schooling and studying in university, then come to the time, I have to find a job, that is to earn an income and then hopefully I can feed and stand in life by own self. I work with a starting pay of $1,700 working in a factory. Thereafter, I purchased my first car, spending over half of my salary contributing to the car $900. Then, came in entertainment with friends, gas and maintenance, another few hundred more gone. Buy and eat things as per my liking, more cash gone. At the end of the month, I have nothing to show for myself for I have neglected the importance of financial education and adhering to the simple principles, of saving, investing and protecting it.

Is this the kind of life that you want? Share with me, your experiences, on being broke at the end of month.