Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Multi level marketing

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Years had passed by, and working in the factory does not seem to make enough money these days factoring the inflation eating away the value of money. So, what's next? What could I do to increase my earnings? One day, while I was pondering over this question, a friend came by and approach me, asked me whether I am interested in a business opportunities. Wow, what a great coincidence, and I thought god is being kind to me, when I ask a question, there sure bound somebody will give me an answer. So, I asked, what sort of business opportunities, my friend is talking about. He did not say much, but do ask me to come by tonight to a place for business opportunities meeting. I had to meet up at downtown, for a small gathering of people, in a shop offices.

7pm, sharp, I was there, but can't find my friend anywhere. I observed around, most of the men here wear very smartly in overall black coat and pants, and so the ladies here, in red coats and dresses. Hmm...,
I was wondering, what are they doing exactly. Then, my friend came and explained to me that this is Multi Level Marketing Business Opportunities meet-out. I was kind of regret to come here, as I heard about negative vibes about this e.g. MLM will drain out a lot of your money. MLM are cheaters. MLM are get to rich scheme. I went through the whole night session and learn something about MLM company. It is not my intention to ask you to join MLM company, nor I am a promoter of MLM company, I am just quoting my observation and learning.

Observation #1 : MLM company are great motivational company. They are able to organise in such a way, to ask those people who had succeeded from the mid level or higher level, in a kind of hierarchy level, to come and give a speech of their success story and sharing, and also imparting some selling techniques to the floor. Free sales lesson & motivation you could get it here.

Observation #2 : MLM company had a educational system in place. Just follow their system and you be successful. They had a comprehensive system, like listing down your contacts, family members, friends, friends contacts. Very interesting, is that even an idiot who does not know about sales and marketing could also be successful by just doing accordingly to their system.

Observation #3 : MLM company make you rich by preaching Financial Freedom, and they do compensate you well, when you reach certain sales target and level e.g. car funding & house funding if you maintain your sales at certain level or achieve beyond it. They even give you free trips if you are qualified after hitting certain targets at certain time period. This really push you to do more, unlike working for people, you have less carrot in the workplace compared to MLM.

Observation #4 : MLM company is thriving with those who are fed up with their current jobs, or those people who are having financial problems or are in dire straits. They made very good story teller, if they are successful at the later stage, and it is really motivating to hear what they had gone through and made it to the top.

Observation #5: MLM requires you to network, the deeper the network, the better you are, the more horizontal network you had, the broader and more successful you could be in this MLM business.

Observation #6 : MLM works by having a portion of commission derived from your down lines. This is a kind of passive income derivation, after you had setup and build your people network.

So, all in all, MLM is great platform for those who like to be their own business and also very low start-up cost (the most is a few hundred dollars to sign-up and cost of their training package). As I mentioned before, I am not trying to promote MLM marketing here, as myself is not any of those successful MLM personnel. I find that some people can succeed in it and some, no matter how hard they had tried, they really can't fit in. I also learn that, it take a lot of commitment of time, passion and perseverance if really wanted to consider this MLM as a business opportunities. On the other hand, it is not a bad idea to do it part-time to try out whether it could work or not for you. After all, it is a business that you have to work on, you do it, you earn it, and who knows maybe it could generate passive income. Take it, as another way to increase income and also build passive income.

Any such near MLM experiences, please do share in this blog. What's your perception of MLM? Is it doable?

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Shingo T said...

Network Marketing is like many other normal business.

It is earning based on commission, and dependent on networking, just like an insurance agent.

However, many people have done it the wrong way, focusing too much on the recruitment portion. And that also turns people off.

In short, network marketing is just another business that revolves around sales. And like all businesses, only 5% of the people succeed.