Friday, September 25, 2009

Toys, Is there an Alternative to Get it?

It was a windy day, when I was strolling along a beach, during a recent trip in Melaka. I saw a couple was enjoying the beautiful beach with a baby (~ 2 years old) in a pram. What really caught my attention, is that she is making something out of leaves. I believed, it is the the type of leaves that we use to see when eating ketupat. I observed from far, but quite close by, and she noticed my observations. After a few minutes, Walla!, she made a windmill toy, and she showed it to the baby in the pram. The wind was strong, and the hand-made windmill was spinning very fast. The baby was delighted, giggled and smiled happily. I was curious, and I approached to ask her nicely to make one for me. Surprisingly, she obliged, and make another one for me out of ketupat leaves for me. Simple and yet environmental friendly.

On the way back to the town, I pass by a sundry shop, to buy some drinks. Next to the shop, is a video game outlet, showcasing the Sony Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and others video game console. Curiosity kills the cats, I pop into the shop the check it out. The price tag is from hundreds to thousands range.

Hmm, this makes me ponder, a simple windmill toy can make a baby and the mother happy, without much cost, and yet we (ranging from kids to adults) are paying hundreds to thousands to buy the latest electronic entertainment gadgetry toys to get happy and thrilled.

I remember when I was kid, I used to play a game with a bunch of neighbour's kids, putting a " "Susu tin" can at one far side, and then throw our shoes to topple it down. The "Susu tin" can is free from a generous coffee shop owner, no cost at all, and we have lots of fun. We also make football out of old newspapers, and kicked along happily in this simple form of entertainment toys.

Dear readers,
What kind of toys do you buy for yourself or kids/brother's/sister's/close relative/own kids ?

Do you buy toys or make them or any other alternative to get it or do you have know how to get it at a much lower cost "Money Saving Tips" or at no cost at all?

Is there an alternative cheaper ways to enjoy things we want to enjoy?

Do share with us?

PS : Lantern festival is nearing, instead of buying, try to make lanterns with friends, kids & family, have Fun and Save Money!

Money Saving Tips #1:- Keep the old lantern, they can be reused and exchanged with other kids (with parents permission), no need to buy.
Money Saving Tips #2:-Don't chase after the latest Playstation, Xbox, go for the old but not so older/oldest version, which by then the price of this console should have been reduced drastically. If possible, buy second hand.


andy said...

normally i just buy. teehee

Kris said...

that small windmill is very nostalgic, i think the creative toys our mind can make out of our simple materials and our imagination is very exciting.
thanks for visiting as well~

vuejardin said...

It is nice to make our own, you have a wonderful blog

Isley Chang said...

better buy. dint have nature skill to make a toy. >.-

wenn said...

hi..that"s nice..

Willie said...

Errr...i used to buy toys from China for my kid. Cheap and i don't really mind if it is broken.

YEsterday, I bought a Tanglong for my son to play. Just RMo.70. Okey or not?

p/s : Thanks for dropping by my blog. If you are interested in photography, then my blog it is for you. Cheerio! Have a nice day.

mind mgmt said...

Hi Willie, as long as it does take a big chunk of your money, go ahead and buy.
The suggestion of making lantern or making your own toys, is to have fun with family and kids, and yet save some money. In other words, there are other alternative of getting fun instead of the expensive way.