Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Does Money Grow on Tree?

A wise old man once say to me, "Son, if you want to be wealthy and rich, you need to plant your seed now and then reap your money from the tree." That was when I was a very young boy, then.

I was fascinated with this idea. Money grow on the tree. Immediately, I set forth to work. First task, I went to my father to ask for a dollar note, and I told him that I wanted to grow money. After the tree fruits the money, I will pluck one and return back to him. He laughed at me, and but still handled me a dollar bill. Frantically, I went to an vacant empty land nearby, and start to dig hole, and then put a dollar note into it, and buried it with dirty earth. It may need some water, as I could not find water nearby, I drop my trouser and then let nature calling, flourish and water the dollar.

Day after day, I waited anxiously for my money tree to grow, and checked it out very often. It's still has not grown. One week later, from afar, I saw a greeny stuff shooting out from the ground. I was very happy and quickly told and brought my dad along to see my money tree is growing. My dad was bursting to laughter till he had stomach pain. He quieted down, and then tell me, "Son, this is a wild grass, it is not money tree." He dig out the money and put in his pocket (not knowing that I had pee on it). Then, he told, that money has to be earned, saved, and then growed. Boy, I was disappointed and angry with the so called wise old man.

As, I grow older, I started to understand it. Money, needs to be earned first. Then, you saved it for investment. Investment will assist to grow the money to multiple fold. What the old wise man implying was to start to plant the seed of investing, and then reap your money returns.

There are a lot of investment vehicles, out in the market for investment, be it Stocks, Mutual Funds, Gold, Silver, Commodity Futures, Option Trading, Forex Currency Trading and Property. However, we have to understand this investment types, and not to simply invest without knowing what you are investing. There are risk attached to each and every one of it.

With correct knowledge and proper managing portfolio, hopefully your money tree will bear fruits. However, there is one thing I wish to add on to the old man, that is, You need to take care the money tree, otherwise it will rot! i.e., Pick out the bad weeds (filter out bad investment), water it (constant investment) & nourish it (use fundamental knowledge to make sound investment decision through learning and learning from others who had made it).

After gaining experience and knowledge on making sound investment that bear good returns, "Money Does Grow on Tree!"



wenn said...

when i was young, i always wish for a tree that could grow money..hehe..

chris@dotagaki said...

Lol, wouldnt the world be a better place if the last pic were true.

thx 4 dropping by.

Candice Chin said...

Haha nice. I've never actually tried to plant a money tree before though :P