Sunday, October 18, 2009

China Economic Wealth Power

I was in China this past few days for a business trip. Upon staying here,
it's an eye opener to me, that this region is economically prosperous, with industrial parks,
hotels, wide 6 lane roads, with an side lane for bicycle and electric motors. The city population is of 6 million, and ranked the 9th. largest GDP in China.

There is even a plan that started 2007, ~ 400 million yuan high speed railway project linking from Shanghai to Beijing ~1500km that to be commenced in operation in November 2010. You could see this along the highway from Shanghai to Suzhou.

All the while, I was thinking that China is a backward country, and has many catch-up to do. However, the trip is really an eye-opener, on seeing that the progress of this country a lot faster and economically thriving compared to our own country, with too much leader's self-interest. It is said that China government will spend 70% of their budget funding to progress the nation into developing world, whereas ours, spend only 30%. I wonder whether this is joke or fact! It is kind of sad really to see this, massive projects in China take 2-3 years to complete, whereas ours massive project, drag their feet, or even at the end of the day got abandon, reason, money not enough to go around.

I could see in years to come, give our country another 10 years, we will be far behind to catch economic growth and wealth, and we as individual citizen in our own country could not enjoy a far better economic wealth in comparison to China.


wenn said...

indeed China is fast growing..

Shingo T said...

Wen Jiabao is affectionately known as Grandpa Wen by the Chinese people, and is well-respected by the folks there.

Who do we Malaysians have to look up to?

Malaysia and China both have problems with corruptions, but at least China has a more united party with lesser infighting. This way, they have more time to put in place better policies.

Anonymous said...

china IS a developing country and the one with the most foreign reserve at 2.2 trillion USD.

Now they are gearing towards mid-to-high income society. The government is pumping lots of money so that the private sector can produce world class companies, like the japs and koreans. Lenovo, Haier, Cherry are one of the few, slowly but surely.